Born and raised in the southside of Chicago. 1991 Started with a mixer and 2 turntables. Not knowing anything about the craft, just knowing this was something I wanted to do. I didn't know anything about beat matching, beat counting, blends and breaks, but I would still give it the college try. I remember trying to blend 2 records together and it would sound like elephants running on the roof(hahaha). I would hustle up money any way I could just so I could hit all the record stores in Chicago. I started out mixing house and freestyle music since that was the popular genres in Chicago at the time. I had no one to show me how to Dj so I was trying to teach myself. It wasn't until 1993-1994 when my cousin Dj Low took me under his wing and showed me how to beat match, count beats, locate breaks and basically show me how to DJ. From there I was a regular at all the house parties on the Southside perfecting my craft, but I still wanted more. At that time it was hard to break into the club and bar scene being a minor under 21 so my motivation wandered. With all the hard work of being a DJ at that time, moving crates of records, 50 pound turntables, plus speakers, it became tiring, so I stopped. Fast forward to when Dj's started mixing with CDs and my interest began to peak again. I started to DJ again with CDs and digitally (good bye crates) and my career took off. Dj Chile was born and I had multiple residencies at bars throughout Chicago, from River North to Old Town to the Northside and Southside of Chicago. We started our own entertainment company called Chile Entertainment LLC, throwing successful boat parties on the waters of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. I have been on multiple FM radio stations in Chicago, Texas and now California(HOT 97.7) I look forward to what the future
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