Currently residing in his hometown of San Antonio, TX , DJ C² (pronounced C Squared) puts a whole new spin on the possibilities of what a modern open format dj really is. Living by his "nothing is off limits. anything goes" mentality, his smooth delivery of some of the most creative, and mind blowing genre blending mixes and live mashups are sure to take no time gettin attention of everyone and will make them a fan almost immediately. His daily live streams on tiktok are something special to experience as he continues to throw every stereotype of what can and cant be mixed together out the window while also providing a mental health safe space for people to come together and just live in the moment and forget about everything wrong in the world. His "Music Therapy" concept of genre blends focus on the purpose of being able to connect with every single person who listens to him no matter what era or genre u like whether its house music, hip hop, rock, pop, 80s, freestyle, funk, melodic bass, country and more. If you think it cant be mixed, remixed, mashed up, think again.

Diving head first at an early age, C² had a deep love and passion for music at the age of 2 he was singing karaoke in front of crowds, at the age of 13 he started playing guitar. Started drumming in high school, then became a karaoke dj some years later. In December 2012, a friend loaned their dj controller and the rest as they say is history as he continues to blaze his own trail creating his legacy ever since