Socio has been loving music since he was knee high. Was a good kid in school but got in trouble from time to time. He would stay in his room and rap with his favorite rap groups like the Fat Boys Dougie Fresh, etc. He would always go out and by dj tapes also Terminator X, Dj Magic Mike, and techno bass, taking an interest on blending mixing and scratching. At age 17 he joined the military where it was there that he ran in to someone that was playing music on dex. The dental hygienist took him under his wing and taught him some basic stuff, to where now Socio has taken that and broadened his horizon by being am open format dj. Loving all music, which has helped him through his ptsd, he will always specialize in house, Latin, hip hop, and dance hall. He has a passion and it's to play music for the world. " without you there wouldn't be a me, it's the Latino they love to hate, Socio I'm out 1 love"
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